Internet of Things Connectivity and Communications Solutions


The Internet is evolving from a network for device-to-server connections and communications (e.g. email, web) into a network for device-to-device connections and communications (e.g. WebRTC, IoT). Eyeball Networks is at the forefront of that evolution.

Eyeball Networks pioneered the STUN/TURN/ICE device-to-device connection technologies adopted by communications standards including SIP, XMPP, IMS, PacketCable, IBM Sametime, Microsoft Lync, and now WebRTC. Today Eyeball’s AnyFirewall™ Technology is patented, foundational to STUN/TURN/ICE, and guarantees device-to-device connectivity for the world’s largest developers of semiconductors, smartphones, tablets, and VoIP and video telephony systems, including BlackBerry, Intel, Philips, and Polycom.

Connectivity & Communication Solutions for the Internet of Things


AnyFirewall Engine SDK Library for secure device connections.  Currently deployed by one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies.


AnyFirewall Server for secure device connections.  Currently deployed by one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies.


Softphone SDK which enables
instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing


XMPP Server and Client Libraries
for secure authentication & discovery.

Three Types of Connections for the Internet of Things



For example: A city can monitor freeway conditions and automatically update electric signage based on a set of circumstances.



For example: A customer may have an intrusion access system set up with IP cameras monitoring areas around a facility (a home or business) to check for guests or intruders. Once notified the customer can allow the visitor access or take other action.



For example, sensors might monitor water purity in a local water source and report back to a centralized monitoring system.

Three Device Management Requirements for the Internet of Things


Discovery of Devices

The system then is aware of the endpoint and every member on the system can discover other devices.


Device Authentication

New devices are registered and authenticated to provide secure access.


Connecting Devices

Connection involves identifying the current set of candidate IP addresses and providing the best connection (P2P or Relay) based on the system requirements and available methods.

Guaranteed Device Connectivity for the Internet of Things

Eyeball Networks software guarantees that any two Internet devices connect – even though the devices might not be directly connected to the Internet. Indeed, most of the billions of devices allegedly ‘connected’ to the Internet are not connected directly to the Internet, but are protected behind firewalls.

Firewalls perform Network Address Translation (or NAT) for security and scalability, and Eyeball Networks is a patent-holding worldwide leader in “NAT-Traversal”, a set of IETF-standards-based technologies for securely enabling applications on different devices to communicate even in the presence of firewalls.

IDC expects that the installed base of the Internet of Things (“IoT”) will be 212 billion “things” globally by the end of 2020. We guarantee that the Internet of Things and Smart City devices built with Eyeball AnyFirewall Technology will connect.

Growing Sectors of the Internet of Things




Connected Cars


Connected Homes


Connected Cities


Connected Industrial


Connected Transportation


Connected Energy


Connected Health

Customer Success


Trusted by tier one companies around the world, AnyFirewall Technology is embedded in products used by 98% of the Fortune 500 and 100% of the Fortune 100.