Initialization and De-Initialization

bool Init();
Initializes the AnyFirewall™ Engine. This function must be called before the AnyFirewall™ Engine is used.

Return value:

bool : The function returns whether the function succeeded (true) or failed (false).

int CreateServerStore (int iMode, bool bBlocking);
Creates a store that keeps server settings. Must be called to create a server store that is required to set and get any server settings.


int iModeThis value can be AF_MODE_STANDARD, AF_MODE_AUTO or AF_MODE_MSOCS.
bool bBlockingDenotes whether the functions calls will be blocking or non-blocking.

Return value:

intThe function returns a unique server store id.

void Release();
De-initializes the AnyFirewall™ Engine and releases resources. This function must be called when the AnyFirewall™ Engine is no longer used. It will release any allocated resources both internally and on the AnyFirewall™ Server if any port allocations were made.