Mac OS X

System Requirements

Development environment:C/C++ development environment such as gcc (version 4.2.1 (LLVM build 2336.1.00))


The AnyFirewall™ Engine for Mac OS X is shipped in a package with the following components:

Source library: AFE as a dynamic library: libAFE.dylib
File to link applications using C interface APIs: libafec.a Header files required to develop applications based on AFE: AnyFirewallEngine_dll.h AnyFirewallInterface.h (C++ interface to AFE APIs) AnyFirewallEngine.h (C interface to AFE APIs)
Other supporting files: A sample SIP application based on the AnyFirewall™ Engine and a demo version of the Eyeball Audio Engine This AFE Developer's Guide
The sample application is available in source code, which demonstrates how to write applications based on AnyFirewall™ Engine. The source code is ready to be compiled using gnu gcc/g++.