Host Types

Host types are included in host description strings and are used to describe the nature of an IP address or port, e.g. whether it is a public IP address and port or whether it is an IP address and port allocated on a TURN server.

Type definition Description
AF_HOST_PUBLIC Public address, to be used with Connect only when connecting to a server
AF_HOST_LOCAL Private address
AF_HOST_FIREWALL Address detected on the firewall using STUN
AF_HOST_RELAY Address allocated on a TURN server (AnyFirewallâ„¢ Server)
AF_HOST_DNS_SRV Used to carry out DNS-SRV lookups for the remote host. Example:
string sTarget = "_stun._udp." + sDomain;
string sDnsSrv =  m_pAFEngine->CreateHost(AF_HOST_DNS_SRV,
m_pAFEngine->SetSTUNServer(serverStoreID, sDnsSrv);