Revision Summary

AnyFirewallâ„¢ Engine v10.0 with dual-stack and IPv6 support, 
latest IETF extension for ICE-STUN-TURN, complete inter-operability 
with Microsoft Lync-2013.

AFE v10 Enhanced with:

Lync 2013, including:

  • MS-ICE2 v4.0, v4.01
  • MS-ICE2BWM v2.0, v2.01
  • MS-TURN v4.0, v4.1
  • MS-TURNBWM v2.0, v2.01
  • MS-SDPEXT v4.0, v5.0, v5.1
  • Bandwidth management / SVC calls
  • Dual Stack (IPv6/IPv4) Lync 2013 ICE functionality for UDP and TCP candidates
  • Ability to disable exceptions in stack

IETF Standard, including:

  • TURN extension for IPv6, RFC-6156
  • ICE extension for IPv6, RFC-5245
  • STUN extension for IPv6, RFC-5389
  • TURN-TCP extension for IPv6, RFC-6062
  • ICE-TCP extension for IPv6, RFC-6544

API Changes: