Eyeball Enhances Solutions for Microsoft Lync Server 2010

Eyeball Enhances Solutions for Microsoft Lync Server 2010

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AnyFirewall™ Engine adds NAT traversal capability using MS-ICE2

VANCOUVER, B.C. (December 21, 2010) – Eyeball Networks, a leading developer of firewall and NAT traversal infrastructure and developer tools for VoIP, video, IMS, and enterprise networks, today announced the update of its AnyFirewall™ Engine firewall and NAT traversal solution for Microsoft Lync Server 2010. AnyFirewall Engine is the industry’s leading independent NAT traversal solution based on the standards STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT), TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT), and ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment).

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (formerly Microsoft Office Communications Server 2010, or OCS 14) is an enterprise real-time communications platform which includes presence, instant messaging, file transfer, peer-to-peer and multiparty VoIP and video calling, audio, video and web conferencing and enterprise-class telephony calling features. Microsoft utilizes a proprietary variant of ICE, dubbed Microsoft Interactive Connectivity Establishment Extensions 2.0 (MS-ICE2), in order to enable NAT traversal using its Lync Server 2010. Eyeball’s AnyFirewall Engine has adopted the MS-ICE2 extensions in order to provide support for service providers, application developers and device makers who wish to update their products to fully interoperate with Microsoft Lync Server.

“Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is a next-generation communications platform for enterprise customers, and builds on the company’s previous success with Office Communications Server 2007,” said Chris Piche, CEO for Eyeball. “We have been supporting NAT traversal in OCS for several releases now, so the addition of support for Lync Server 2010 is a logical extension for Eyeball Networks.”

Eyeball Networks has helped a number of customers improve their NAT traversal for Microsoft OCS/Lync by delivering AnyFirewall Engine both as software code embedded in physical endpoints, as well as an SDK component bundled into client applications. Eyeball’s NAT traversal software is enabling such devices as IP phones, videoconference endpoints, media gateways, network peripherals and softphones from major OEM vendors to function properly in Microsoft Lync deployments.

“Microsoft designed Lync to be a replacement for the PBX in a corporate environment. But the reality is that most enterprises are not just going to throw out their embedded communications infrastructure and applications to use Microsoft technology,” said Matt Brunk, President of Telecomworx (www.telecomworx.com) and a frequent contributor to “No Jitter” (www.nojitter.com), an online website dedicated to enterprise IP telephony. “It will be an evolution over time, and will still require the use of third party equipment and applications. Rather than spend development dollars by designing in Microsoft’s proprietary MS-ICE2 protocol, companies can now choose to license this NAT traversal technology from Eyeball Networks and dramatically reduce precious time-to-market.”

AnyFirewall™ Engine and Server are based on years of innovation by Eyeball and leverage IETF, IMS, PacketCable, and Microsoft protocols. They provide guaranteed, carrier-grade firewall and NAT traversal across multiple embedded, PC, and mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Linux, OS X, VxWorks, Windows, and Windows Mobile/Phone.

Key features of AnyFirewall™ Engine and Server include:
- 100% guaranteed firewall and NAT traversal
- Universal standards support for wireless, fixed, and cable networks via STUN, TURN, ICE, UPnP, TCP, MS-ICE2, and MS-TURN
- Cross-platform support for Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Linux, OS X, VxWorks, Windows, and Windows Mobile/Phone
- Field proven with hundreds of licensees and tens of millions of endpoints

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