Eyeball Networks announces Messenger SDK WebRTC

Eyeball Networks announces Messenger SDK WebRTC

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Eyeball Networks has released Messenger SDK WebRTC to enable WebRTC-compatible voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing.

Messenger SDK WebRTC is a set of libraries which enable WebRTC-compatible voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing with no plugins.  With Messenger SDK WebRTC, you can build WebRTC applications for all major platforms including Android, Internet Explorer, iOS, OS X, Safari, Windows, Windows RT, and more.

Messenger SDK WebRTC includes STUN/TURN/ICE for guaranteed connections on any fixed or mobile network, through any NAT or firewall, and on any device.

Messenger SDK WebRTC works with any third-party signaling (e.g. Jingle, SIP, WebSync) and STUN/TURN server or service. With Messenger SDK WebRTC, you can interoperate with any WebRTC application including e-Learning, gaming, surveillance, telemedicine, video conferencing, and more.

About Eyeball Networks

Eyeball Networks pioneered the STUN/TURN/ICE NAT traversal technologies adopted by communications standards including SIP, XMPP, IMS, PacketCable, IBM Sametime, Microsoft Lync, and WebRTC.

Today Eyeball’s AnyFirewall™ Technology is patented, foundational to STUN/TURN/ICE, and guarantees connectivity for the world’s largest developers of semiconductors, smartphones, tablets, and VoIP and video telephony systems. Tens of millions of subscribers benefit from AnyFirewall Technology. AnyFirewall Technology is embedded in products used by 98% of the Fortune 500 and 100% of the Fortune 100.

Any Network. Any Firewall. Any Device. Any Protocol. Guaranteed.

For more information, please visit www.eyeball.com or email sales@eyeball.com.


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