Eyeball Networks Patented Technologies

Eyeball Networks holds 12 technology patents in 5 different countries. Our first patent was awarded for the unique approach to NAT Traversal we developed in 2002. Since then, we have been awarded patents in several categories due to the innovative techniques and technologies we have developed to drive the carrier-class solutions provided to our customers around the world.

Patented Technologies

AnyBandwith™ Eyeball’s patented AnyBandwidth™ Technology dynamically optimizes frame rate, picture quality, and audio quality based on network bandwidth and CPU capacity to consistently produce the best possible service quality for any Internet connection on any computer or device. AnyBandwidth utilizes peer to peer technology and full software based delivery to enable massively scalable solutions, and is found in our Eyeball Messenger and Eyeball Messenger SDK products.

Eyeball’s patented AnyFirewall™ Technology combines IETF standards STUN, TURN and ICE, with the company’s own adaptations and innovations to deliver the best possible Internet communications experience for subscribers, and a call completion guarantee over any network, through any firewall, and to any device. AnyFirewall Technology is fully software based and leverages peer-to-peer communications for unhindered scalability, and can be found embedded in our AnyFirewall Engine, AnyFirewall Server, and AnyConnect Gateway products.

AntiSPIT™ Eyeball’s patent pending AntiSPIT™ Technology is fully compliant SIP-based (RFC 3261) technology that provides Real-Time Call Pattern Monitoring and sophisticated filters & tools to maintain scalable and SPIT-free voice & video communications to reduce SPIT. AntiSPIT Technology can be found in Eyeball’s SIP Proxy Server, Eyeball Messenger and Eyeball Messenger SDK products.

For full information on Eyeball Networks patents please see this page.