Eyeball Networks Upgrades AnyFirewall Developers Community to Foster Collaboration with VoIP App Developers

Eyeball Networks Upgrades AnyFirewall Developers Community to Foster Collaboration with VoIP App Developers

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – April 10, 2012 – Eyeball Networks, a leading developer of VoIP and NAT-traversal software, today announced the re-release of its AnyFirewall Developers Community site to provide VoIP application developers, service providers and device makers additional tools and resources to tackle one of the biggest barriers to mass adoption of VoIP.

The AnyFirewall Developers Community provides developers access to software and support to help them achieve 100 percent NAT traversal in their IP communications applications and mobile VoIP devices. The community also provides an online NAT traversal demo, example code, technical literature and access to an online AnyFirewall Server – a carrier grade STUN-TURN server.

“Firewall and NAT traversal is still a widespread industry challenge and one of the key barriers to mass adoption of VoIP” says Matt Sims, Vice President of Eyeball Networks. “We are happy to be re-starting this community to foster increased collaboration with VoIP application developers on a standards-based solution to this problem”.

Eyeball AnyFirewall Engine (AFE) is the industry’s leading NAT traversal Software Development Kit (SDK) for guaranteed VoIP and video call completion across NATs, firewalls, and Web proxies. AFE incorporates the most comprehensive implementation of the IETF standards STUN, TURN and ICE along with optional features such as UPnP and HTTP-tunneling, ensuring high interoperability of applications or devices with third-party components and services.

AnyFirewall Engine is designed to easily integrate with third party components for rapid development of feature-rich applications. It offers the highest rate of peer-to-peer (P2P) media transport in the industry which for service providers implies low infrastructure cost, low bandwidth cost and high service scalability.

About Eyeball Networks Eyeball Networks is a leading provider of infrastructure software and developer tools for enabling service providers, application developers, and device makers to deliver carrier-grade VoIP, VVoIP, and instant messaging services. Today, over 200 licensees and 20 million users benefit from Eyeball’s innovations, including its patented AnyBandwidth, AnyFirewall, and AntiSPIT Technologies that guarantee the best possible VoIP and VVoIP experience.

Any Network. Any Firewall. Any device. Guaranteed.

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