Eyeball Provides Reference STUN-TURN Server for Global SIP Interoperability Test Event

Eyeball Provides Reference STUN-TURN Server for Global SIP Interoperability Test Event

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Vancouver, April 24, 2008: Eyeball Networks, a leading developer of NAT-traversal solutions, supplied the reference STUN-TURN server for 22nd SIP interoperability test event arranged by SIP forum. Eyeball AnyFirewall Engine also participated in the event as one of the most comprehensive implementation of latest IETF drafts on STUN, TURN and ICE for seamless traversal VoIP calls through NATs, firewalls and web-proxies.

The SIPit, or Session Initiation Protocol Interoperability Test, is a weeklong event hosted bi-annually where people bring their SIP implementations to ensure they work together. This year’s event was hosted by the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory April 14 through 18, in Durham, New Hampshire, USA. CableLabs coordinated the NAT traversal interoperability tests using STUN, TURN and ICE at this event, with Eyeball Networks providing the only STUN-TURN server (AnyFirewall Server) for the testing of end-points and user-agents.

“We were excited to have Eyeball AnyFirewall Server to be the only STUN-TURN server platform invited to this industry-leading interoperability event to support testing user-agents and client software implementing STUN, TURN red viagra c200 and ICE.” said Dr. Shahadat Khan, CTO Eyeball Networks. “We had recently upgraded our AnyFirewall Server and Engine to use the latest STUN, TURN and ICE drafts, and were looking forward to see it perform with other solutions in the industry.”

Eyeball AnyFirewall™ Server provides a scalable firewall and NAT traversal solution for SIP end-points based on the latest IETF standards STUN, TURN and ICE (i.e. ICE 19).
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Eyeball AnyFirewall™ Engine is the industry’s leading NAT traversal Software Development Kit (SDK) for guaranteed VoIP and video call completion across NATs, firewalls, and web-proxies.

About the SIPit Events SIPits, or Session Initiation Protocol Interoperability Tests, are week-long events where companies bring their SIP implementations to ensure they work together. The SIPits are open to anyone with a working SIP implementation. Currently, the SIPits are buy qsymia online no prescription held twice a year. Different companies or organizations host each event, and each host chooses the venue. The goal of the events is cialis no prescription needed generic to refine both the protocol and its implementations. The SIPits are a driving force shaping SIP into a globally interoperable protocol for real time Internet communication services. For more information about the SIPit events, visit www.sipit.net.

About Eyeball Networks Eyeball Networks is a pioneer and world leader in VoIP, video telephony, instant messaging and NAT-traversal software enabling service providers, application developers, and device makers to deliver carrier-grade communications solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner. Today, over 19 million users and over 100 service providers and device makers benefit from Eyeball’s innovations, including its patented AnyBandwidth™, AnyFirewall™, and AntiSPIT™ technologies guaranteeing the best possible VoIP and video experience – over any Internet connection, across any NAT or firewall, and on any device. For more information, please visit www.eyeball.com or email sales@eyeball.com.

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