Eyeball Server Management (ESM)


Eyeball Networks Server
Administration & Monitoring System

Eyeball Server Management Overview

The Eyeball Server Management (ESM) system is used for the administration and monitoring of the server products from Eyeball Networks, such as AnyFirewall™ Servers, SIP Proxy Servers and XMPP Servers.  There are three different components of the ESM:


User Administration:
add, modify, remove or disable user accounts and set per- user parameters for a server


Server Statistics:
service usage statistics for servers


Server Monitoring:
real- time state and load information about your company’s servers

In order to restrict access to the different components, ESM implements a role- based access control model with two roles: ‘administrator’ (full access) and ‘monitoring’ (access to server monitoring only).

The ESM system utilizes a single grouping of users regardless of whether or not a particular user has access to an Eyeball Server or not. For example an account can be created and assigned monitor status within ESM but has no other privileges on an Eyeball Network AnyFirewall, SIP Proxy or XMPP server.

Review the Eyeball Server Management User and Administration Guide

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