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Stop VoIP Spam – Anti-SPIT Server

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VoIP and video conferencing services, like email and other Internet services, are susceptible to abuse by malicious parties initiating automated, unsolicited, and unwanted communications. This is referred to as VoIP spam, or Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT).

Eyeball Networks AntiSPIT Server mitigates VoIP spam with real-time call analysis and adaptive call rating to reject spam calls while enabling legitimate calls.

AntiSPIT Server can be deployed alone or with Eyeball Networks SIP Server, IM Server, and AnyFirewall Server to provide infrastructure for consumer and enterprise VoIP, video conferencing, and unified communications services.


Real-time Call Analysis and Adaptive Rating

Eyeball Networks patented AntiSPIT Technology rates calls based on 10 factors including short calls, callee-terminated calls, calls to unknown destinations, inactivity periods, caller reputation, caller-callee relationship, caller location, and caller/callee limits.

Challenge-Response Mechanism

Suspicious calls can be issued a challenge.

Parental Controls

Filter calls based on time of day, white-list, and location, and implement call quotas.

Supported Platforms

AntiSPIT Server supports Linux and all major cloud service platforms including Amazon EC2, Gogrid, Joyent, and Rackspace.

Anti-SPIT Server Features

  • Adaptive call rating and SPIT flagging engine

  • Challenge-response mechanism for suspect calls

  • Parental controls

  • Automated and manual abuse reports from endpoints

  • Location service at service provider border

Standards Compliance and Certification

Compliant with IETF standards SIP and Enhancements for Authenticated Identity Management.


UDP, TCP, and secure TLS transport.

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Field Proven

AntiSPIT Server is the world’s most widely deployed VoIP spam mitigation solution, having been deployed to more than 10 million subscribers by licensees including Gadu Gadu, Swisscom, and more.