Standards Support for RCS, SIP, STUN, TURN, & ICE, WebRTC, & XMPP

STUN, TURN & ICE for NAT Traversal

A setback to VoIP and Video telephony adoption has been the restriction NATs and firewalls pose to reliable call completion.

Eyeball Networks and Google connecting WebRTC

Eyeball Networks and Google are working together to enhance the STUN, TURN, and ICE standards as part of the WebRTC project.

XMPP Based Instant Message and File Transfer Solutions

The increase of online social communities & other collaborative applications requiring presence & messaging functionality has seen a rise in the use of XMPP services.


SIP Solutions

Cost savings and trunk consolidation are big drivers behind interest in SIP technology.


Rich Communications Suite RCS Solutions

RCS is a suite of rich communication services that can be launched from a capable enhanced phone book.