Rich Communications Suite
RCS Solutions


Rich Communications Suite (RCS) is a substantial joint industry project supported by over 100 of the leading mobile operators, device vendors and client application developers to develop new service packages for today’s ‘always-on’ mobile users.

RCS is a suite of rich communication services that can be launched from a capable enhanced phone book. RCS provides a common framework for services that are interoperable among mobile operators and devices. Primary features offered by RCS are enhanced phonebook, enhanced messaging, and enriched calls.
RCS-Enhanced Phonebook

  • Presence

  • Service capability discovery

  • Network address book

RCS-Enhanced Messaging

  • Multimedia messaging

  • Chat, SMS, MMS, IM

  • File transfer

RCS-Enriched Calls

  • Video share

  • Image share

Eyeball Networks offers the following products as part of a complete RCS solution:


Softphone provides instant messaging,
voice, and video conferencing


Softphone SDK which enables
instant messaging, voice, & video conferencing


Carrier-grade presence
and instant messaging server


SIP server supports deployments
of more than 50 MM/100% service uptime