Eyeball Networks and Google connecting WebRTC


WebRTC is a real time communication API for the web being drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), designed to bring video chat and other features directly to the browser without the need for plugins or downloads.

Eyeball Networks and Google are working together to enhance the STUN, TURN, and ICE standards as part of the WebRTC project.

Standards Compliance:

The WebRTC specification specifies the use of STUN, TURN and ICE to support NAT traversal requirements. Eyeball Networks AnyFirewall Technology is fundamental to IETF, XMPP and WebRTC specifications and standards. AnyFirewall technology is patented and standards based.

Eyeball Networks technology supports and is compliant with the following standards:

RFC 5245 – ICE
RFC 5389 – STUN
RFC 5766 – TURN
RFC 5768 – ICE – SIP
RFC 6336 – ICE – IANA Registry
RFC 6544 – ICE – TCP RFC 5928 – TURN Resolution Mechanism
RFC 6062 – TURN Extensions for TCP Allocations
RFC 6156 – Extension for IPv6
MS-STUN – Microsoft STUN extensions
MS-TURN – Microsoft TURN extensions
MS-ICE – Microsoft ICE extensions
MS-ICE2 – Microsoft ICE2 extensions

Cross platform browser support, carrier-grade scalable STUN TURN servers, and multiple signalling solutions and servers.

Eyeball Networks supports WebRTC browser makers and platform/application developers with:

  • Guaranteed connectivity

  • Highest possible P2P rates

  • Non-compliant device support

  • Carrier-class server infrastructure – STUN TURN, & XMPP signalling

  • Integration/engineering support

  • Time to Market

Learn More about Eyeball Networks WebRTC Solutions

Eyeball Networks offers the following products as part of a complete WebRTC solution:

AnyFirewall Engine

Guaranteed IP Connectivity


STUN TURN Server Software for
Guaranteed IP Connectivity


SIP server supports deployments of
more than 50 MM/100% service uptime


Carrier-grade presence
and instant messaging server

Enterprise Border Session Controller
(E-SBC) for Network Inter-Connectivity

Enable WebRTC-compatible voice calling,
video chat, and P2P file sharing