XMPP Based Instant Message and File Transfer Solutions

The increase of online social communities and other collaborative applications requiring presence and messaging functionality has seen a rise in the use of XMPP services which are now driving a wide range of public and corporate applications. XMPP provides an XML protocol for synchronous and asynchronous communication for client-to-client, client-to-server, and server-to-server messaging, although the primary use for XMPP to date has been instant messaging (IM).


Presence Management

  • Tree based buddy lists and presence blocking

  • Federated with AOL, Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo!

  • Custom status and alert notifications

  • Group management and avatars, group text, typing indication


Rich Text Messaging

  • Group texting

  • Typing indication

  • Unicode support

  • Smileys and buzzers


Peer-to-Peer Services

  • File transfer

  • Picture and media sharing

  • Off-line messaging

XMPP is designed to be extensible. The XMPP standards foundation develops and publishes extensions to XMPP through a standards process centered on XMPP Extension Protocols, or, XEPs. Here is the full list of XMPP XEPs and their status:

Number Name Type Status Date
XEP-0001 (PDF) XMPP Extension Protocols Procedural Active 2010-03-10
XEP-0002 (PDF) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Procedural Active 2002-01-11
XEP-0004 (PDF) Data Forms Standards Track Final 2007-08-13
XEP-0009 (PDF) Jabber-RPC Standards Track Final 2011-11-10
XEP-0012 (PDF) Last Activity Standards Track Final 2008-11-26
XEP-0013 (PDF) Flexible Offline Message Retrieval Standards Track Draft 2005-07-14
XEP-0016 (PDF) Privacy Lists Standards Track Draft 2007-02-15
XEP-0019 (PDF) Streamlining the SIGs Procedural Active 2002-03-20
XEP-0020 (PDF) Feature Negotiation Standards Track Draft 2006-11-21
XEP-0027 (PDF) Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage Historical Active 2006-11-29
XEP-0030 (PDF) Service Discovery Standards Track Final 2008-06-06
XEP-0033 (PDF) Extended Stanza Addressing Standards Track Draft 2004-09-15
XEP-0045 (PDF) Multi-User Chat Standards Track Draft 2012-02-08
XEP-0047 (PDF) In-Band Bytestreams Standards Track Final 2012-06-22
XEP-0048 (PDF) Bookmarks Standards Track Draft 2007-11-07
XEP-0049 (PDF) Private XML Storage Historical Active 2004-03-01
XEP-0050 (PDF) Ad-Hoc Commands Standards Track Draft 2005-06-30
XEP-0053 (PDF) XMPP Registrar Function Procedural Active 2008-10-29
XEP-0054 (PDF) vcard-temp Historical Active 2008-07-16
XEP-0055 (PDF) Jabber Search Historical Active 2009-09-15
XEP-0059 (PDF) Result Set Management Standards Track Draft 2006-09-20
XEP-0060 (PDF) Publish-Subscribe Standards Track Draft 2010-07-12
XEP-0065 (PDF) SOCKS5 Bytestreams Standards Track Draft 2011-04-20
XEP-0066 (PDF) Out of Band Data Standards Track Draft 2006-08-16
XEP-0068 (PDF) Field Standardization for Data Forms Informational Active 2012-05-28
XEP-0070 (PDF) Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP Standards Track Draft 2005-12-14
XEP-0071 (PDF) XHTML-IM Standards Track Draft 2012-11-28
XEP-0072 (PDF) SOAP Over XMPP Standards Track Draft 2005-12-14
XEP-0076 (PDF) Malicious Stanzas Humorous Active 2003-04-01
XEP-0077 (PDF) In-Band Registration Standards Track Final 2012-01-25
XEP-0079 (PDF) Advanced Message Processing Standards Track Draft 2005-11-30
XEP-0080 (PDF) User Location Standards Track Draft 2009-09-15
XEP-0082 (PDF) XMPP Date and Time Profiles Informational Active 2003-05-28
XEP-0083 (PDF) Nested Roster Groups Informational Active 2004-10-11
XEP-0084 (PDF) User Avatar Standards Track Draft 2008-11-05
XEP-0085 (PDF) Chat State Notifications Standards Track Final 2009-09-23
XEP-0092 (PDF) Software Version Standards Track Draft 2007-02-15
XEP-0095 (PDF) Stream Initiation Standards Track Draft 2004-04-13
XEP-0096 (PDF) SI File Transfer Standards Track Draft 2004-04-13
XEP-0100 (PDF) Gateway Interaction Informational Active 2005-10-05
XEP-0106 (PDF) JID Escaping Standards Track Draft 2007-06-18
XEP-0107 (PDF) User Mood Standards Track Draft 2008-10-29
XEP-0108 (PDF) User Activity Standards Track Draft 2008-10-29
XEP-0114 (PDF) Jabber Component Protocol Historical Active 2012-01-25
XEP-0115 (PDF) Entity Capabilities Standards Track Draft 2008-02-26
XEP-0118 (PDF) User Tune Standards Track Draft 2008-01-30
XEP-0122 (PDF) Data Forms Validation Standards Track Draft 2004-09-22
XEP-0124 (PDF) Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) Standards Track Draft 2010-07-02
XEP-0126 (PDF) Invisibility Informational Active 2005-08-19
XEP-0127 (PDF) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Over XMPP Informational Active 2004-12-09
XEP-0128 (PDF) Service Discovery Extensions Informational Active 2004-10-20
XEP-0131 (PDF) Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata Standards Track Draft 2006-07-12
XEP-0132 (PDF) Presence Obtained via Kinesthetic Excitation (POKE) Humorous Active 2004-04-01
XEP-0133 (PDF) Service Administration Informational Active 2005-08-19
XEP-0134 (PDF) XMPP Design Guidelines Informational Active 2004-12-09
XEP-0136 (PDF) Message Archiving Standards Track Draft 2010-06-21
XEP-0137 (PDF) Publishing Stream Initiation Requests Standards Track Draft 2005-08-26
XEP-0138 (PDF) Stream Compression Standards Track Final 2009-05-27
XEP-0141 (PDF) Data Forms Layout Standards Track Draft 2005-05-12
XEP-0143 (PDF) Guidelines for Authors of XMPP Extension Protocols Procedural Active 2011-07-08
XEP-0144 (PDF) Roster Item Exchange Standards Track Draft 2005-08-26
XEP-0145 (PDF) Annotations Historical Active 2006-03-23
XEP-0146 (PDF) Remote Controlling Clients Informational Active 2006-03-23
XEP-0147 (PDF) XMPP URI Scheme Query Components Informational Active 2006-09-13
XEP-0148 (PDF) Instant Messaging Intelligence Quotient (IM IQ) Humorous Active 2005-04-01
XEP-0149 (PDF) Time Periods Informational Active 2006-01-24
XEP-0153 (PDF) vCard-Based Avatars Historical Active 2006-08-16
XEP-0155 (PDF) Stanza Session Negotiation Standards Track Draft 2008-01-14
XEP-0156 (PDF) Discovering Alternative XMPP Connection Methods Standards Track Draft 2007-06-12
XEP-0157 (PDF) Contact Addresses for XMPP Services Informational Active 2007-01-31
XEP-0158 (PDF) CAPTCHA Forms Standards Track Draft 2008-09-03
XEP-0160 (PDF) Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages Informational Active 2006-01-24
XEP-0163 (PDF) Personal Eventing Protocol Standards Track Draft 2010-07-12
XEP-0166 (PDF) Jingle Standards Track Draft 2009-12-23
XEP-0167 (PDF) Jingle RTP Sessions Standards Track Draft 2009-12-23
XEP-0169 (PDF) Twas The Night Before Christmas (Jabber Version) Humorous Active 2009-12-24
XEP-0170 (PDF) Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation Informational Active 2007-01-04
XEP-0171 (PDF) Language Translation Standards Track Draft 2011-06-15
XEP-0172 (PDF) User Nickname Standards Track Draft 2012-03-21
XEP-0174 (PDF) Serverless Messaging Standards Track Final 2008-11-26
XEP-0175 (PDF) Best Practices for Use of SASL ANONYMOUS Informational Active 2009-09-30
XEP-0176 (PDF) Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2009-06-10
XEP-0177 (PDF) Jingle Raw UDP Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2009-12-23
XEP-0178 (PDF) Best Practices for Use of SASL EXTERNAL with Certificates Informational Active 2011-05-25
XEP-0182 (PDF) Application-Specific Error Conditions Procedural Active 2008-03-05
XEP-0183 (PDF) Jingle Telepathy Transport Humorous Active 2006-04-01
XEP-0184 (PDF) Message Delivery Receipts Standards Track Draft 2011-03-01
XEP-0185 (PDF) Dialback Key Generation and Validation Informational Active 2007-02-15
XEP-0186 (PDF) Invisible Command Standards Track Experimental 2012-06-27
XEP-0191 (PDF) Blocking Command Standards Track Draft 2012-07-18
XEP-0198 (PDF) Stream Management Standards Track Draft 2011-06-29
XEP-0199 (PDF) XMPP Ping Standards Track Final 2009-06-03
XEP-0201 (PDF) Best Practices for Message Threads Informational Active 2010-11-29
XEP-0202 (PDF) Entity Time Standards Track Final 2009-09-11
XEP-0203 (PDF) Delayed Delivery Standards Track Final 2009-09-15
XEP-0205 (PDF) Best Practices to Discourage Denial of Service Attacks Informational Active 2009-01-07
XEP-0206 (PDF) XMPP Over BOSH Standards Track Draft 2010-07-02
XEP-0207 (PDF) XMPP Eventing via Pubsub Humorous Active 2007-04-01
XEP-0220 (PDF) Server Dialback Standards Track Experimental 2012-08-21
XEP-0221 (PDF) Data Forms Media Element Standards Track Draft 2008-09-03
XEP-0222 (PDF) Persistent Storage of Public Data via PubSub Informational Active 2008-09-08
XEP-0223 (PDF) Persistent Storage of Private Data via PubSub Informational Active 2008-09-08
XEP-0224 (PDF) Attention Standards Track Draft 2008-11-13
XEP-0227 (PDF) Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers Standards Track Draft 2010-03-12
XEP-0229 (PDF) Stream Compression with LZW Standards Track Draft 2007-09-26
XEP-0231 (PDF) Bits of Binary Standards Track Draft 2008-09-03
XEP-0234 (PDF) Jingle File Transfer Standards Track Experimental 2012-02-08
XEP-0239 (PDF) Binary XMPP Humorous Active 2008-04-01
XEP-0245 (PDF) The /me Command Informational Active 2009-01-21
XEP-0249 (PDF) Direct MUC Invitations Standards Track Draft 2011-09-22
XEP-0256 (PDF) Last Activity in Presence Standards Track Draft 2009-09-15
XEP-0257 (PDF) Client Certificate Management for SASL EXTERNAL Standards Track Experimental 2012-07-18
XEP-0258 (PDF) Security Labels in XMPP Standards Track Draft 2011-11-10
XEP-0260 (PDF) Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2011-09-23
XEP-0261 (PDF) Jingle In-Band Bytestreams Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2011-09-23
XEP-0262 (PDF) Use of ZRTP in Jingle RTP Sessions Standards Track Draft 2011-06-15
XEP-0263 (PDF) ECO-XMPP Humorous Active 2009-04-01
XEP-0266 (PDF) Codecs for Jingle Audio Standards Track Draft 2011-10-04
XEP-0267 (PDF) Server Buddies Standards Track Experimental 2012-05-29
XEP-0268 (PDF) Incident Handling Standards Track Experimental 2012-05-29
XEP-0270 (PDF) XMPP Compliance Suites 2010 Standards Track Draft 2009-09-30
XEP-0275 (PDF) Entity Reputation Standards Track Experimental 2012-06-06
XEP-0276 (PDF) Presence Decloaking Standards Track Experimental 2012-07-13
XEP-0277 (PDF) Microblogging over XMPP Standards Track Experimental 2012-05-22
XEP-0280 (PDF) Message Carbons Standards Track Experimental 2012-10-09
XEP-0288 (PDF) Bidirectional Server-to-Server Connections Standards Track Experimental 2012-08-21
XEP-0289 (PDF) Federated MUC for Constrained Environments Standards Track Experimental 2012-05-29
XEP-0292 (PDF) vCard4 Over XMPP Standards Track Experimental 2011-10-09
XEP-0295 (PDF) JSON Encodings for XMPP Humorous Active 2011-04-01
XEP-0297 (PDF) Stanza Forwarding Standards Track Proposed 2012-07-05
XEP-0300 (PDF) Use of Cryptographic Hash Functions in XMPP Standards Track Experimental 2012-02-08
XEP-0301 (PDF) In-Band Real Time Text Standards Track Experimental 2012-08-08
XEP-0305 (PDF) XMPP Quickstart Standards Track Experimental 2012-12-19
XEP-0306 (PDF) Extensible Status Conditions for Multi-User Chat Standards Track Experimental 2011-12-14
XEP-0307 (PDF) Unique Room Names for Multi-User Chat Standards Track Experimental 2011-11-10
XEP-0308 (PDF) Last Message Correction Standards Track Experimental 2011-11-10
XEP-0309 (PDF) Service Directories Standards Track Experimental 2012-05-29
XEP-0310 (PDF) Presence State Annotations Standards Track Experimental 2012-01-10
XEP-0311 (PDF) MUC Fast Reconnect Standards Track Experimental 2012-01-25
XEP-0312 (PDF) PubSub Since Standards Track Experimental 2012-05-29
XEP-0313 (PDF) Message Archive Management Standards Track Experimental 2012-04-18
XEP-0314 (PDF) Security Labels in PubSub Standards Track Experimental 2012-07-27
XEP-0315 (PDF) Data Forms XML Element Standards Track Experimental 2012-10-15
XEP-0316 (PDF) MUC Eventing Protocol Standards Track Experimental 2013-01-03
XEP-0317 (PDF) Hats Standards Track Experimental 2013-01-03

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